Joshua E. Snyder, LPC

Joshua Snyder is a Licensed Professional Counselor with 20 years of experience who specializes in the offering of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy to adolescents and their families, adults, and couples, with the intention of determining how a person’s character has been organized and influenced over time, in addition to analyzing how configurations of people have reciprocally influenced each other by their repeated interactions.

As a clinician, he emphasizes assessing and treating specific defensive styles that an individual utilizes as a means to ward off anxiety and navigate his/her subjective and interpersonal world. For instance, the individual that extracts a detail which he then amplifies to prove the badness of another, the individual that must work to control others lest he risk vulnerability, and the individual that can’t quite seem to take ownership of wrongdoing out of his intolerance of shame are just a cluster of examples characterizing the very real issues people deal with and that are of interest to him. They are of interest because they have an origin, and if an origin is discoverable then it has the potential to be worked through.

Josh strives to create interpersonal trust. Safety is created in the therapeutic situation, at which point the execution of analytic techniques can succeed in bringing unconscious material to light. Once the individual becomes aware of content that was previously unexamined, the person can learn to regulate himself emotionally, integrate the material, and begin working to remedy the symptoms that brought him into treatment. Joshua believes that it is our memories, both inside and outside of our conscious awareness, that are the main culprits for why we may be experiencing distress and behaving the way we do, often to our own detriment and the dismay of those we interact with across space and time. Joshua Snyder believes that there will always be a place for strategies to cope and improve our functionality, however not at the expense of avoiding or failing to uncover the actual material that serves as the epicenter of our deepest emotions, hurts, victories, dreams, yearnings, and wishes.

Josh Snyder is grateful and eager to utilize his training and 20 years of experience to assist others in achieving their personal and familial goals.

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