Does your child learn differently than others? Does your child struggle academically or socially? Do you want to know how to best tailor your child’s academics to address their strengths and weaknesses? Do you feel your child is gifted, or have you been curious about their IQ? Formal psychological evaluations can help.

How we learn and process information plays a huge role in how we interact with the world around us. Childhood is a time of tremendous growth and development; a time when children must not only learn academics such as English and math, but also about relationships and emotions and the complicated nuances that make up Life. Understanding how your child learns can play an important role in their growth and development. Typically, schools are set up to cater to the more common learning styles leaving kids with other learning styles frustrated, sad, and/or upset. It is not uncommon for these kids to feel left out or “different.” While some learning differences might be easy to identify, others require detailed testing to fully assess an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. This information is often vital to help parents and schools support children as best possible. Psychiatric Associates of Pennsylvania offers a variety of educational assessments and testing for children and adolescents.

Psychoeducational Assessments

Evaluations focus on cognitive, academic, social, behavioral, and emotional factors to investigate strengths and weaknesses, to better understand why the child or adolescent is experiencing challenges. We will also provide recommendations to address relevant concerns. Evaluations can determine the presence of learning disabilities, Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), problems with executive functioning, developmental problems, memory problems, language disorders, social issues, autism spectrum disorders, and other issues."

At the start of each evaluation, we will meet with the family for an initial consultation to better understand the questions and reasons for seeking an evaluation. The assessment is then personalized based on their individual needs. A comprehensive psycho-educational assessment is then completed which typically includes a diagnostic interview, cognitive and academic testing with the child or adolescent, memory testing, executive functioning testing, or language testing when indicated, parent and teacher questionnaires, a thorough review of records including any prior testing and IEPs and a parent feedback session. Following the evaluation, we will meet with the family to discuss the findings and recommendations, and a written report is provided.

Other Testing Available

  • IQ Testing
  • Gifted Evaluations for School Placement
  • School Admission Testing
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder Evaluations

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