Substance abuse is capable of destroying all aspects of your life. Our comprehensive, outpatient program is designed to help you put the pieces of your life back together so that you can reconnect with yourself and people you love.

At the start of our program, we will help you to reconnect with your family and loved ones so they can provide the support needed throughout the process. We understand that for many, going into a rehab of detox treatment facility may not be an option. Therefore, when appropriate, we offer outpatient detoxification for alcohol, benzodiazepine, and opiate use disorders.

Once successfully off substances, we continue treatment with close psychotherapy, monitoring, and medication. We offer a range of medication assisted treatments (MAT) if necessary. These include various oral medications, and when appropriate long-acting injectable medications such as Sublocade for opiate use disorders and Vivitrol for alcohol and opiate use disorders.

To help you achieve long-term remission, we continue treatment throughout with psychotherapy and medications to help address underlying mental health disorders which may have contributed to your substance use. Genetic testing is offered to facilitate finding the optimal medication treatments for you.

We provide the close, personal support to you and your family that is needed for long-term remission. Together, there is hope.

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We are happily accepting new patients and are available for forensic evaluations and expert testimony.