Depression often fails to improve with standard medical treatments. Our Treatment Resistant Depression program provides unique approaches to the treatment of the depression. We incorporate aggressive medication management, psychotherapy, and when appropriate, cutting edge treatment for depression including intra-nasal Ketamine (Spravato).


We offer a wide range of therapeutic options to best suit your needs. We believe in finding the right form of therapy to best address your specific needs to optimize your overall response.


Medication management is often a critical component of managing depression. Unfortunately, routine use of medications often fails to improve results. When this occurs, aggressive management may be needed to achieve needed results. Our experts in psychopharmacology will help find the right medications for you.


Intra-nasal S-Ketamin (Spravato) has recently been approved for the treatment and management of treatment resistant depression. While most antidepressants can take months to work, Ketamine is unique in that the antidepressant effects can occur within the first few treatments. The medication is administered in the safety of our office and when appropriate, we will also integrate mindfulness and other therapeutic options to enhance the effectiveness.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

We are soon to offer transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) as well. Contact us today to get on our waiting list so that we can offer this unique therapy as soon as it becomes available.

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