Julia Curcio Alexander, PhD

Dr. Julia Curcio Alexander is a licensed psychologist in clinical and forensic practice in the Philadelphia area. Her clinical practice is focused on adults with trauma and stressor-related conditions including acute and chronic posttraumatic stress, mood disorders and challenges coping with distressing emotions related to abuse and other adverse experiences. Rather than viewing these challenges as primarily pathological, Dr. Curcio Alexander approaches these conditions as forms of injury and respects the ways in which individuals have coped, with unhurried exploration of recurring emotional states and behaviors that limit self-determination. Dr. Curcio Alexander has extensive experience in relational, cognitive and mindfulness-based approaches to support individuals moving forward to lives closer to what they envision for themselves.

Dr. Curcio Alexander received a Master of Science in Counseling from Villanova University and her Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Psychology with a concentration in Child Development and Developmental Psychopathology from Temple University. She then obtained Post-Graduate training in forensic psychological assessment from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Dr. Curcio Alexander has been in private practice for almost thirty years during which time she has served in multiple clinical training and supervisory roles throughout the Philadelphia area. Dr. Curcio Alexander has also served as an Adjunct Faculty at Widener University and continues to use her extensive expertise in providing behavioral health and forensic continuing education for other practitioners.

In forensic practice, Dr. Curcio Alexander specializes in allegations of sexual misconduct including by healthcare professionals, clergy and others in positions of authority; allegations of undue influence/coercive control such as in cults; and individuals who have allegedly harmed or killed their perpetrators of abuse. Dr. Curcio Alexander has published peer-reviewed articles and chapters on child sexual abuse and children with disabilities who have been abused, provides forensic continuing education, and has been admitted as an expert in common pleas and federal courts.

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